Wine Labels

Wine Labels

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  • Informative and marketing tools
  • Design, shape and colors add ons
  • Any laws to be followed while printing
  • Personalized ones for special occasions or clientele

Buying a good wine – how do you make a smart choice while standing in front of the racks? Easy, read the wine labels. Even famous breweries have made sure that their labels are worth ‘a second look’ in this competitive market. A very descriptive wine label would have all the following information printed on it:  name of wine, place of origin (name of country, place/region where the grapes were harvested), alcohol content, standard of quality indicator, type (rum, whiskey, beer, red, white, port, sherry, Madeira, champagne, fortified, etc), winery name/address and logo, vintage year, pictures, any health warnings. Others might have a combination of these seen on them.

How you label your bottles or cartons or six packs really depends on your marketing strategy and place of origin. Since most countries have their set standards or laws on the essential information as well as the bottling itself, these have to be kept in mind before printing.  That and the target market make a strong impact while designing the labels.

Color of bottle, type of cork or cap, whether it is a body or neck label will determine the color/design/shape design of the label and you can make all these selections with our custom wine labels. Even the picture/image on it would be your choice.  

Nowadays companies prefer personalized wine labels when they come up with specialty products for important occasions (weddings, christenings etc) or holidays (Christmas, thanksgiving).