• What are tickets?
  • History of ticket use,
  • Common uses of tickets
  • Different types

The most common thing in use is tickets. So what are tickets? Tickets would be a kind of token which verifies that you have paid some amount of money and are eligible to watch an event or enter a designated area – normally for recreation purposes.

First known tickets were most probably used in Greece and then Rome for theatres, gladiator arenas, Olympic (the original games started there) etc. These then continued to be used in different cultures and times till today. Money from tickets is used to partially cover the costs of the event. Plays, musical concerts, movies, operas all make profits with high ticket sales. Games arenas all get ticket money for their maintenance. Boxing/wrestling fights, rugby matches, netball, ice hockey etc use the profits to pay off their players as well. You buy a ticket to see your favorite team or player or horse to win! The event is both entertainment for you and your family or friends.

Another use of tickets is to enter some areas: zoos, circus, and fun parks (for using different rides or games). Nowadays another idea is parking tickets. To park your car at a designated place outside a shopping mall or hotel etc you would get a parking ticket. This is so that your vehicle will be safe and secure while you may spend hours shopping or riding horses or walking in parks etc.

You are of course expected to purchase a ticket for a bus or a plane or a train ride.

Tickets can be made of paper or plastic with an edge that can be torn off. How you want your ticket to look all depends on the design and text you choose to submit for printing tickets. Online ticket printing gives you the option to sit at your desk and order without wasting any time.

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