Table Tents

Table Tents
  • Different types of table tents and their uses
  • Printed in attractive colors
  • Can be 2/3/4 sided

The simple definition of a table tent is a printed display in the shape of a tent placed on a table used for multiple purposes.

There are different types of tents used depending on text and designing during table tent printing:

Table tents are used in restaurants, bread and breakfast and cafes as menu options, promoting events, discounts etc.

Menu options – They show menu specialties like desserts, Hors d'oeuvre, vintage wines, off the menu main courses. An example being: a lava cake on the menu will make more impact when printed on the table tent as “a delish molten lava cake direct from the oven topped with rich vanilla ice cream” with or without a picture.

For promoting events – salsa nights / deejays / Valentine ’s Day deals / beach parties.

Discounts – showing discounts on in season fruit juices or desserts.

At wedding receptions – show wine selections / couple pictures.

For corporate Dinners / lunches – who sits where and with whom are written on these table tents e.g. one table for executives, another for regional managers, another for corporate bankers etc can be shown with table tent cards.

In Hotels for different services – different types of massage facilities, information on pool/gym timings, festive nights (and dress codes), cable or pay per view timings, etc.

Table tents are normally printed in fun, brilliant colors. Calendars or space for comments can both be added to table tents. Depending on the amount of information to be displayed, table tents can be 2 or 3 or 4 sided. They can be made to match the restaurant or the hotel or bar décor. Different size options are available for printing at 2.8×11 and 4.25×5.5.

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