Static Clings

Static Clings

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• Use static electricity to stick to surfaces
• Commonly used
• Easy to handle and economical
• Vinyl Clings for water proof products

Designs can be selected from our samples or create your own unique image with our Custom Static Clings option. Since Static Clings Printing ends up with the Clings using static electricity to stick to surfaces these are not weather resistant. Vinyl Static Clings are another option when water resistant clings are required, for example in public places like bus stands or restaurant tables or bathroom mirrors. Some messages or images are however used generally for example: Use me, Push, Pull, No smoking, Men, Women, Check out, Hand signals etc. For these you can simply click on the design template you want, select the size and quantity and press order.

Professional Use

Used by both big companies and small businesses or entrepreneurs to promote themselves. A cheap way to market, these can be stuck in offices or in coffee shops or restaurants or subway or bus stations. From wanted ads to promoting oneself to brand promotions Static Clings Printing is an ideal tool for organizations and entrepreneurs. You can choose one of our sample designs when ordering or add your own logo/brand image for printing while clicking Custom Static Clings.

Personal Use

Static Clings Printing can be used to print a lot of different designs on clings. These can be used by parents to motivate their kids or for bulletin boards. Housewives can economize on expensive designer crockery by buying simple glass or plastic dishes/bowls/glasses and stick these clings on them to give them that that pricey look with almost half the cost.