Software Packaging

Software Packaging


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  • Light or heavy cardboard boxes
  • Available in different shapes, colors and sizes
  • Product safety of prime importance
  • Boxes can be bifurcated or made to fit into each other

Software Packaging refers to cardboard boxes used to sell electronics e.g. keyboards, CDs, mouse, drives, programs etc. These could be light or heavy or corrugated depending on the product. Of course all software companies need to make sure that their product reaches the customer without any damage (however minor) and on time. Safety is of prime importance since even a minor scratch would decrease the value and work performance of these products. Normally thinner cardboard is used for CD covers and a heavier one for mouse or keyboards. Corrugated Boxes are used for larger and heavier products or those which need to be shipped or transported over long distances.

Software Boxes Printing gives you the option to select the shape and size of the boxes, to keep them simple with additional labels or have colored boxes with laminations. Designs and text on the box can be on just one side or all sides. Boxes could be closed on all four sides or open faced with two or three sides. A box could hold just one product or have closed or small sections. It could hold a variable number of the same product or different components of a device or just different items.

Software Packaging Boxes can also have different panels in them for adding related information e.g. brochures, manuals, booklets etc. pertaining to product usage and other marketing material by the company.