Small Size Booklets

Small Size Booklets

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  • Used With A Limited Text Or Smaller Images
  • Awareness Campaigns/Menu Cards/Museums All Give These To Customers
  • Empty Ones Given As Gifts
  • Kept In Handbags To Jot Down Information On The Go

Booklets come in two sizes they can either be small 8.5’’×5.5’’ or large 8.5’’×11’’.  Among these smaller booklets are normally used when emphasis is on the text as well as the images, comic books being an exception to this. Given with products (containing how to assemble it yourself) e.g. bikes, tree houses or with material when DIY items are promoted.

They can be designed in any way that the customer wants. These could be folded pages in the form of a booklet e.g. it could look like a booklet with different city locations described on it but would open up to reveal a map on the other side. Binding could also be done according to the customer’s requirements. During initial brand marketing, booklets can be given with promotional products highlighting their uses and special ingredients. During awareness campaigns booklets can be used to disseminate information e.g. with respect to domestic violence definitions and how to protect yourself using simple moves with pictures and help centers to be contacted.

Menu cards are nowadays also designed in the shapes of booklets by restaurants and cafés. Since menu can be written in categories on different pages or via timings i.e. to say drinks on one page and main entrees on the other or breakfast menu on page and lunch on the other. Newly opened shops and bakeries can also print booklets highlighting any history and menu as giveaways to new customers.

They are commonly used by museums to give information to visitors about different exhibits – the Egyptian section might have its own booklet and so would the Jurassic era.