Round Stickers

Round Stickers

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  • Stickers cut in circular shapes
  • Most commonly seen and used stickers
  • Famous among children and in schools
  • To seal envelopes or as product labels
  • Mostly for awareness or support.

At we give you the option of getting your stickers cut in a circular shape or round stickers. Round stickers are one of the most popular types of stickers and with Custom Round Stickers being offered by us you can easily get one printed with your own design specifications.
Ever since we were kids round stickers have attracted us. Small round Barbie or cartoon network/Disney channel/nicklodeon character stickers on books, cars and toy teacups or for kids to exchange with each other can be ordered. In schools, stickers have been found to be a very good learning tool. For history and geography projects and also for maths and science problems stickers are pasted on copies or on class boards or even tables. At home they can be stuck on beds, drawers, closets, mirrors etc. to blend in with a theme.

Small round stickers can be used to seal envelopes e.g. invitations to baby showers or weddings or anniversaries or birthday parties. They can be pasted on goodie bags or wedding gifts etc as well. Summer vacations at mountains, beaches or abroad; stickers are one of the cheapest memorabilia. You can order round stickers when selling your products at a bake sale or a charity function or the town fair to label and price them.