Rolodex Cards

Rolodex Cards
  • What is a rolodex card?
  • Used by those whose job involves a lot of networking.
  • History of flyers is an open book
  • Available in black and white and colored options.

According to, a rolodex is a desktop rotary card index with removable cards. These cards normally contain: names, addresses, and telephone numbers. Rolodex is normally used by people who are into communications e.g. personal assistants, PR agents, newspaper reporters, bankers, relationship building etc. In these jobs you need to have contact information at your fingertips. Invented in the 1950s, they reached their peak in the 80s.

To keep important contact details safe and within reach, rolodex is used/placed on office/work desks. You cannot keep more than maybe a dozen business cards in the wallet, even a diary has limited space for storing information, whereas a rolodex can save thousands of cards. Not only that, rolodex cards are easily indexed, so you can just roll it and find the card you are looking for. gives you the option to order them online through our rolodex cards printing option. You can have simple black and white or colored rolodex cards as well. Company names/logos/email address/website etc can all be added and the card can be formatted according to your choice.

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