• Posters are an old form of advertising/marketing
  • Long sheets of paper or plastic pasted at eye level
  • Used by companies, individuals, governments
  • Designed for being used at homes

Posters are those papers (longer in size) pasted at eye level on a vertical surface like walls, trees, fences etc. Larger in size, more descriptive and visually attractive as compared to flyers these have been in use for the past 2 to 3 centuries in one form or another.

Posters are one of the earliest forms of advertising. From being pasted in places where the town’s people would gather in the evening to recent times. They are stuck in/near pubs, parks, bus stands, subways, high school/college walls, and other such hot spots. Poster printing has been used to market boxing matches, circuses, plays, concerts, political slogans, upcoming movies, town fairs etc. Competitions like dancing, drag races, debates etc all use posters to attract both the participants and the guests.

Governments and private companies as well as entrepreneurs know that a well designed poster will attract customer traffic towards their product. You can now get poster prints online and that too with ease. While designing a poster make sure that the colors you choose as well as the images and text do not overlap your product but enhance its various aspects. With online poster printing you can select the shape and size of the item and decide how you want your uploaded images to be positioned. You can have them printed in paper and even laminated or in plastic for more durable options.

They can be used at homes by fans – sticking an actor’s or a player’s poster to the door or the bedroom walls has always been a fad. Movie posters are stuck outside cinemas to build anticipation for the upcoming releases.

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