• Manuals are typed instructions
  • Contents of a manual should be clear and concise
  • Put in product boxes for customers’ ease
  • Size depending on the content inside
  • Different translations all incorporated in one manual

Manuals contain written instructions on how to use a product or set up guidelines. A manual by look resembles a small booklet or a catalogue. The difference is the number of pages and the content. Manuals contain: a cover page (title and image of the product), list of titles, safety precautions, names and images of the different components, assemblage steps with pictures, how to use instructions, optimal conditions for placing or keeping the product, translation in different languages (e.g. Spanish, French etc), troubleshooting or maintenance points, program installation steps (e.g. inserting the right CD after connecting the printer), warranty cards, servicing information, names of manufacturers and their contact etc.

They are normally put in product boxes and printed according to the product. Descriptions are short and to the point and images small but clear. Pictures and images have to be numbered. Manuals can be colored or black and white but have to be clear and concise. Manuals can be long or small depending on the amount of information and manual printing is ordered keeping this in mind.

Order online manual printing at and we’ll make sure that your printed product is exactly as you envisioned it. Upload images and texts that you want printed, then select the number of pages, quantity (how many copies), size of the manual (height, length etc of pages), finish (matte or glossy) and color combinations. Binding option has to be given or selected: Ring, saddle stitch etc. Make sure that your cover page has a bold title and/or an image of your product or process. Too many colors or images on this page will confuse the user.

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