• Different articles on a common theme printed and pasted together
  • Advertisements are also included
  • Magazine design depends on target market and theme
  • Distributed / published with newspapers or independently

Magazines are printed pages pasted together through binding, different from booklets and comics since they contain unrelated articles (content) on the pages. Magazines have a central theme: women’s magazines will deal with different aspects of a woman’s life; a fashion magazine will talk about latest trends in hair, clothing, shoes and accessories. They will contain advertisements, either different small ones on a select page or full page ones. Magazines have normally the best articles or images reserved for the ‘centre fold’.

A magazine can be published weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. Depending on the frequency the number of pages and content will vary. Small magazine printing is normally for those weekly or fortnightly publications. Magazines are printed by schools, colleges, fashion brands, newspaper owners, advertising companies, TV personalities, individuals etc.

While designing a magazine, you need to consider two basic things: theme of the magazine and the target market. Is the magazine for men’s clothing? Then what does this particular publication tackle? Summer or spring designs, expensive or economical buying, shirts or pants or jeans etc. Is it for teens or adults? Are your articles are all your own writers or will you be selecting any from your readers. Centre fold can have a celebrity interview or images from a major brand or the hottest model pictures.

When you go for magazine printing, you need to decide on the number of pages. The image on your front cover and the format of your inner pages (pictures and texts) are what decide your readership and of course revenues. Page quality whether they are glossy or not and if you want some pages designed differently e.g. any slits or holes or shapes etc. With online magazine printing we make your work easy with our design experts read to help you.

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