Large Size Booklets

Large Size Booklets

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  • Interesting cover and inner pages with more space
  • Smaller than books and less boring as well
  • Different ways to edit your images
  • Text printing options (different fonts)
  • Slits for other marketing tools

With more space for image and text, an 8.5’’×11’’ booklet can be your canvas for innovative designs and multiple uses. Your cover should appeal to the audience and your inner pages keep them captivated. We at give you the basic options while designing your booklet; page quality, binding variations, colors, etc since we know that every individual / company / organization has their own creative instincts and want a unique product that is both affective and appealing.

With large booklet printing you can use photographs on your cover and as backgrounds for your pages. You can edit your photographs; get blemishes deleted from faces etc. or you can use different ideas like ‘bokeh’ in which subject is visible but everything else is blurred. Large texts in bold contrasts or using shadows to make one image have a raised effect or creating digital designs on the front page, or getting hand drawings printed are all different ideas to attract your potential customers.

With inner pages, you can add slits or panels to hold CDs and business cards. Holes in the shape of rectangles or triangles or circles can be cut – one page could contain a whole image, the previous one a triangular cut out with descriptive text on the edges for various aspects of the picture. Even grids can be cut out for extra effects. With large size booklet printing you can even have interesting bookmarks added e.g. for a gardening booklet one designed in the shape of a shovel.

For more serious booklets e.g. annual reports or thesis synopsis or company profiles even a black and white or monochromatic booklet can be designed to look attractive.