Landscape Folders

Landscape Folders

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  • Business and Personal Uses
  • For keeping documents, business cards, CDs etc.
  • CMYK color options
  • Gloss and Matte Finish as well as embossing on any or all panels
  • Personalized designs and texts.

Landscape folders are broad and wide shaped two flap folders with pockets on their sides. These folders because of their size, durability and a closing flap make it easier to carry documents/papers around safely. Such folders are mostly used to keep business or legal documents, forms, photographs or any paper with valuable information. Keeping a record is vital for any company and it requires proper management of the available information. Landscape Folders are an ideal way to manage the files in the most optimum way. Landscape folders printing gives these folders a contemporary yet professional look and also helps in easy cataloguing of the documents within.

Professional Use:

The use of landscape presentation folders is really important especially in the industry where the products details are printed in landscape format. And Landscape Folder Printing makes it easy to keep the documents in the appropriate format. In businesses; presentations, notices and all other crucial information is in print form and thus Landscape Folders are an essential requirement. During a business presentation or even during conferences or seminars the participants are given printed forms of the presentations and so landscape presentation folders customized to present such documents are required.

Personal Use:

Landscape folders are commonly used at homes or by individuals. This is because Landscape Folders make it easier and more time efficient to keep important documents like property and legal papers, certificates and tax papers safe and secure and in an orderly manner. The design can be customized to the individual’s needs and it gives the folders a unique look distinguishing them from other files. Landscape folders printing are thus a cost effective strategy for a tool that saves space and makes it easier to catalogue all information.