• Labeling is naming things and sticking names on those things
  • Short history of labels
  • Name of: company, ingredients, health warning, expiry dates all added
  • Marketing tool
  • Colorful and informative labels in vogue

Labels are what we write and paste on things or containers to help us remember what they are or in time of need to pick out that certain thing from a pile or a stack. We label food containers, racks, bookshelves, clothes, bottles, drawers, boxes etc.

In the early times, of course our ancestors most probably used symbols to mark their stuff. Eventually with languages and writing they started naming their daily use items and wrote those names themselves.  With the advent and common use of paper, of course someone smart enough started pasting pieces of paper as labels on the same things and containers. This made buying stuff (from markets) and storing it a whole lot easier.

Labeling has changed over the years and labels are not just pieces of paper stuck with the help of tape anymore. Previously just used to denote the names of the items, labels are now a multipurpose item. Indicating the ingredients to the certification to other bonus information (e.g. whether it is organically grown, includes peanuts or its by products, vegan/non vegan, kosher). In business label printing, name of company, logo and even marketing phrases can be added like: eat healthy choose xyz product,  selling quality products since 1842, vintage wine from our organic gardens and so on and so forth.  Importance of food labels is especially stressed by hygienists and food experts who recommend perusing through food labels since this will help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

With online label printing it has become really easy for growers or manufacturers to market their products without having to run around looking for a third party. Order labels from our site to decorate your containers and save the time and hassle with our on-time delivery and quality labels.

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