Invitation Cards

Invitation Cards
  •  Cards for inviting people to functions of all sorts.
  •  Online printing is an easy solution.
  •  Ability to design a car according to the occasion and the theme.
  •  Can be accessorized

You invite someone to your birthday or wedding or an office function or a christening or parties. You can send them social media requests but the proper way as everyone knows is via invitation cards. For different functions, you now have specific invitation cards. Whatever the function, you want your card to stand out. For that you can either go to a shop and buy it yourself or order it online.

With Online invitation cards you now have the option to sit on your desktop and with a few simple steps make and order your own card. At, we know that everyone wants a product according to their own choice. We offer you the option to make your own card from scratch. Creativity is the key word but you do not have to be an artist to design your own card. You can simply send us an image or the design you want on your card. Select from the color options or suggest your own or ask us to retain the original colors. You can even send us the text and decide upon the font. Even the shape of the card and design can be selected e.g. you can select a folded or an unfolded card, in the shape of a wedding dress or the typical rectangle. It can further have slits for ribbons or small business cards attached to it. You can also have two quality papers in the same card as well as cut outs of different shapes attached to it e.g. a small ring or a heart or a box etc. They can also include pictures e.g. of the baby for a birthday or a christening. Whereas wedding invitation cards tend to be more sober, party invitation cards are louder in their color and design and have more interesting texts as well.

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