Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards
  • Easier to order online than wasting time and fuel
  • Make yourself greeting cards, select own image colors etc
  • A memorable item
  • The oldest way to show appreciation

We at know that you are tired of scanning pages, after pages of online sites or wasting time looking at racks and racks of tacky cards. We offer you the chance to make your own card online and forego all this waste of time and fuel. With Online Greeting Cards you upload your own images, write your own texts and choose your own colors/background to decorate your card. You can keep them simple, add artwork or make collages of your favorite pictures – the choice is yours. Of course all these Printable Greeting Cards are reviewed by our technical experts to fix any glitches before they are sent to be printed and posted to you or to a loved one.

The best way to show love or appreciate someone has been with cards. They are a part of our memorabilia as dear to us as old pictures. There have been famous notes, letters and of course cards throughout the history well remembered because of both their content and design. You can order greeting cards on a special occasion, or to commemorate a memory. Bring a smile to someone’s face on a bad day or say get well soon to a patient or thinking of you to a friend or celebrate your parents’ anniversary; a personalized greeting card will make all the difference. At times though we send greeting cards only because we want to e.g. kids exchange cards with each other in school or we give them to colleagues or people we want to make friends with. Whereas before people used to keep scrapbooks of old cards, nowadays you also upload them on blogs or social media sites to share your special cards and memories with everyone.

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