Folded Business Cards

Folded Business Cards

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• Contain more information
• Added accessories like calendars or survey forms
• Different colors and designs and text on all panels or same
• Keeping random stuff inside like scraps of paper

With innovative Business Card designs in use nowadays we still needed to find a way to incorporate all the information needed for an introduction. This would have increased both the length and width of a business card. Say hello to our Folded Business Cards, the need of the hour. A simple folded card might have the company logo on the front with the individual’s name and all relevant information inside. Folded Business Cards Printing gives you the option to either choose from our design samples or create your own. You can add your own picture or a sample of your work in your business card, simply “customize” e.g. if you run your own business or are an artist, a web developer, an architect or a photographer.

These cards can not only be laminated to protect from weather but also embossed with different background colors and CMYK options for printing. With added slits and/or holes Folded Business Cards now have versatile uses. Adding a slit can make sure these can be fit easily into Folders or card holders. Different slits inside can be used to store random scraps of paper e.g. when you quickly scribble important information and tear off the edge of the paper. Inside of a Folded Business Card could also include a small survey form e.g. for sales people when they’re introducing new products to people. Holes can either add to the design or for looping a stack with a thread (or plastic cords) to keep the cards safe. Business Cards could also be designed in such a way that where a folded card may piqué your curiosity, unfolding it would reveal the whole message.