• What are flyers and their history?
  • Advertisement campaigns/product launches.
  • Most economical form of marketing
  • Useful when information has to be quickly disseminated to a large audience.

Flyers are those papers which have information printed on them and are distributed by hand for quick mass advertisement. They can be simple computer printouts with name of event, date and time printed on them and distributed on the university campus or in your neighborhood.

Flyers are simply the most inexpensive means of advertisement/spreading information around. They are also the quickest to order so even in missing person or wanted cases the first thing put up by the authorities are flyers. They can be given by hand in your neighborhood or public places or music festivals or pasted on bulletin boards or trees or telephone poles.

Flyers have presumably been around even before the 17th century, since dictates by the ruler could easily be handed to subjects. Most famous flyers have been of bandits e.g. those of Robin Hood in Sherwood Forest or wanted ads of Billy the kid.

Flyers can be: invitations to music festivals, rallying people for a political rally, informing people standing outside the theatre about a new burger joint in town, telling boys outside a coffee shop about the swanky new night club, advertising during football or basketball or rugby matches or female drivers about the latest summer sales in stores.

Multinationals also use flyers to advertise their products during a brand campaign or when promoting an old one in a new deal e.g. at huge super stores or at bus stands etc. They can be normal or glossy with particular images and different styled fonts. All these options are available with online flyer printing at With a few simple clicks, you can upload your own image, select the design and font style and the colors and your order will be ready for printing.

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