Frequently Asked Questions

For a standard order:

  • Select product and type, Decide upon the size, Go for color options, The type of stock that is required, Fill in the quantity, Shipment dates options, Then add to Cart.
  • At this point the product price will be displayed
  • If another item is required click “continue shopping”. This will take you back to the product page, repeat the same procedure. Keep on doing this till all items are added to the shopping cart. This page will also give a Grand total of cost.
  • After submission of your product details, please click, proceed to checkout.
  • On the left side of the page you have to submit details for log in: First and Last name, email and postal address, telephone and fax number, and company/organization name.
  • In case you’re a returning customer, entering your email address will take you directly to payment options.
  • If instead you are ready to order: please confirm your shipping order and your payment details. Shipping address may be the same as correspondence address or different. On the right side of the page are payment options; Paypal or credit card. When finished “place order”.

For a Customized order:

  • Fill in your personal details: first and last name, company name, email address, contact number. Then product which has to be ordered and its size specifications: width, height, length and unit of measurement. Required quantity, color options and required delivery date and then any additional information; like indication of the front and back pages or any other design specifications. Upload the file containing your required design and submit query.
  • You will then be communicated your order details via email provided.