Door Hangers

Door Hangers
  • Make us stop and obey
  • Notices and advertising tools
  • Available in different shapes/sizes and colors
  • Different text can be printed to get the message across

“Meeting in progress”, “Patient inside”, “Do not disturb”, etc are all signs hanging on doors that we are familiar with and normally expected to observe. Whereas previously used for the sole purpose of notifying people of a set action, door hangers are now regularly used for advertising. People nowadays do not have time; you cannot stop and bother them to pick or take your marketing material. You need a less intrusive method for advertising or campaigning which will also be in your potential consumer’s notice.

Door hangers thus do not harangue people nor do they violate any laws (trespassing on a private property). They are small, colorful and have information printed simply on them. Commonly used in hotels or offices or hospitals or clinics or exam rooms and even in children’s/teenagers’ rooms. They are also hung outside apartment or flat doors. During office meetings or group discussions within a society, where you may not want any distractions during a brainstorming session you will keep any third party out of it without wasting time on informing everyone. This is where business door hangers come in. A simple “Do not enter” sign as a door knob hanger is the best communication tool. It is cheap and delivers the message effectively.

Historically started as paper signs, door hangers are now available in both plastic and cardboard varieties with additional options for lamination and colors. They can be simple black and white rectangular signs (hanged via threads) or colorful ones with loops on top or slits in them for easy attachment and visibility. At we give you the option to print door hangers in any shape/design/color you want. Text of any sort can also be added. Door hanger printing is a smart idea whether you are a politician campaigning or a child who wants his/her privacy respected.

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