Die Cut Stickers

Die Cut Stickers

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  • Stickers that assume the shape of the image or the text
  • Can be pasted on different surfaces
  • Easy to peel off 
  • Preferred for short term marketing campaigns
  • Accessorizing personal items

Die Cut stickers are stickers that are available in any shape or size and can be stuck on different surfaces e.g. glass, plastic, laptop/pc, cardboard boxes etc. Normal stickers have three or four typical shapes on which an image or text is printed, whereas in die cut stickers, the sticker assumes the shape of the image and/or the font. Because of their versatility in both shape and design these are one of the most popular types of stickers. Die Cut stickers are also used as product labels e.g. for wine bottles or tissue paper boxes etc.

Multinationals also promote the use of Die cut stickers since having a sticker in the shape of a burger or a pizza or a wheel is a better marketing gimmick (since it appeals more to the public at large). These stickers are either used as giveaways or pasted on glass windows or product boxes to promote the latest deals. They can also be used as marketing materials by entrepreneurs (low cost option) e.g. sold in bags with their products with the features printed upon them instead of flyers or brochures.

Custom Die Cut Stickers are used by students and children to accessorize their stationary or bags or lunch boxes. Teenagers and young adults use them to add ‘bling’ or the “X” factor to their mobile phones/laptops/ipads/compact mirrors/headphones/guitars/bikes etc. Even student sororities can have die cut stickers to show their allegiance. Whichever music genre you follow, you can get a die cut sticker to show your interest, e.g. a justin bieber head or jay zee lyrics or an Opeth or a Pantera symbol. If an environmentalist then save the puffins or the trees or if into religion then an “ichthys” symbol could be pasted.