• What are decals and how are they used
  • Used for home décor or decorating restaurants
  • Decals on bikes or cars as accessories
  • For advertisement to a wider audience

Decals are basically images originally drawn on a surface e.g. cloth/plastic/paper/ceramic block which is pasted o another surface by applying water or heat to the original surface. Decals are normally used to decorate walls, bikes, cars and guitars. They are long lasting and weather resistant so money spent on them does not go waste.

Printed decals can either have an image on a white or colored background or be in the shape of the image. gives you these options as well as getting your image printed in your color choices: black and white or CMYK options and we make decals look better!

Wall decals can be used for promotional purposes by companies e.g. fast food restaurants can have their menu top items printed on their walls e.g. burger patties, pizza slice etc. Home owners and architects recommend using them to brighten an otherwise dull space or animating the area e.g. painting bright flowers in corners or under the stairs. They could be a starry night or animals in the children’s bedroom or an aquarium in a bathroom. Mostly romanticized in movies with gangs of bike owners having their own symbols - bike owners like to personalize their rides according to their interests or group associations etc. Those, whose passion is cars, similarly use decal printing to make a statement. Multinationals use decals on company owned vehicles to advertise their products to a wider audience. When mobile vans are used for repair and maintenance of company products or bakery items are sold to customer’s doorsteps even then decals are pasted on them to promote the brand name and the products.

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