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Custom Tickets

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  • Customization is in vogue
  • Different types of tickets for different events
  • Information printed depends on admission criteria

The ticket you design of course depends on the event which is why custom ticket printing is now in vogue. Custom printed tickets have various uses; if it is for a college party, of course it is going to be very simple the name of the party or event, location and the amount to be paid (will normally be mentioned). It might also say that only one person will be admitted or can bring a friend.

Movie tickets are a bit more descriptive: Seat/aisle and row number will all be indicated as well as the name of the hall, name and time of the movie (if a box seat that is also mentioned) and cost of the ticket. Information is copied on both corners of the ticket so that on entrance one end can be torn off and the other kept by the customer.

Concert and play tickets are almost the same but can have a band or a play theme picture printed on them with any restrictions (e.g. has to be an adult to enter) that could be applicable.  

Bus/Airline/Subway tickets will have: printed time of arrival and departure, stations, time of flight, stops, name of service or carrier, baggage information, number of passengers (and whether they are adults or not), barcodes (if the ticket is to be read electronically, seat number etc.

Game tickets (NBA, Soccer, Golf, and Tennis etc), opera tickets, funfair, circus etc are all examples of different types of tickets. Under the option custom tickets, these can be printed according to your own innovative design, colors and images.