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  • Different tags for different products
  • Large companies and small ones
  • Text would be different
  • Attached to the inside of shirts as well as front or back
  • Types of tags

With the different types of tags available and the fact that except for set/specific information that has to be added to some there is flexibility in designing tags nowadays. Knowing this now gives you the option to order and print custom tags. The basic idea is to develop your product from scratch. This means that you the customer starts by giving us the shape and dimensions of your tag. Then you tell us the color scheme – indicating the background and the text colors. If images are to be added e.g. colors and symbols for ironing, washing, dry cleaning, symbol of company. Text is then added: name of company, place of production, product tag line, precautions or disclaimers, product ingredients or percentage of material used.

When it comes to international brands sizes could be American or European. With men’s clothes tags would indicate the different sizes for coats and shirts: sleeve size, collar size, chest size would be printed. For pants: waist size and length would be necessary. For women at times sizes 6 to 14 may be used or small / medium / large or length or waist size when it comes to jeans or pants.

For companies that may have production houses offshore, tags would show the place of manufacture as well as assemblage e.g. cotton imported from Bangladesh, stitching in china, tagging and final touches in Colorado.

Price tags would show the price of the product and discount tags would show the percentage by which it is slashed as well as the original and discounted prices.

Name tags would be formatted differently depending on their usage.