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  • Customizing posters to your needs
  • Different types of posters for different purposes
  • Size, design, color all depend on the event or product

When you design a poster always remember what purpose it is being printed for. A poster used for brand promotions of different products will be different from a movie or a music band poster. This is why customized posters are a preferred choice of the customers.

With product posters your emphasis is on the product image and the tagline. Company name and logo should also be distinguishable. Basically background color is muted or such that the product colors are further highlighted.

Posters of actors or musicians normally are picture blow ups of them in their most famous roles or stage antique. They might or might not include a famous movie line or song name.

Movie posters are a completely different genre. They build anticipation for the upcoming movies; some might contain pictures of the hero and the heroine, others a depiction of the title. Movie posters like that of ‘psycho’ and ‘it’s a mad mad world’ are still considered as classics by movie buffs. ‘Saul Bass’ is remembered for a lot of his achievements including his film posters.

Matches like wrestling, basketball and boxing will have completely different posters. There may be posters with the name of the championship like rumble in California’ with dates and names of teams or photos of players in action all dependent on how you want to advertise your event.

Circus posters will give the menu and the date as well as different images of the most popular acts.

You can thus be as innovative as you want with custom posters printing.