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Custom Manuals


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  • Different usage means different content
  • Custom manuals for products, process etc.
  • Games, trainings, hardware, car manuals,
  • 4 color, glossy finish, different binding options.

Manuals are designed according to the content that is printed and they can thus be divided into different categories:

Manuals for trainings e.g. flight training – these are a type of descriptive manuals which would be of a large size both in dimensions and weight (increased number of pages). Full page size images will be used and normally designed very simply color wise.

Manuals for hardware (computers/electronics) e.g. manuals with scanners or mobiles: these are smaller in size designed to fit inside the product boxes. Normally black and white printed papers are preferred.

Gaming manuals: These give a brief overview of the game, the in game story (e.g. assassin’s creed, world of Warcraft etc), character selections, strengths, weaknesses, navigation controls including instructions on how to install the game and any other relevant programs that have to be downloaded (e.g. adobe flash, java script etc).

Car manuals: Again descriptive manuals which give basic information of the car, manufacturing, history and any other relevant detail.

Installation manuals: Most electrical stuff used at home comes with installation manuals. Everything from setting up the wiring, to any other item used (e.g. temperature of water if it is a washing machine), any precautions (e.g. keep the wires away from wet surfaces, clean pipes or blades regularly etc).

With the custom manual printing option, you are the one who decides how you want your manual to look. The number of pages, size, quality colors etc is all decided by you.

You can even order custom manuals e.g. how to make a DIY product with simple materials found at home and gift that to a friend or child.