Custom Door Hangers

Custom Door Hangers


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  • Hung on door knobs or handles
  • Used in offices, libraries, schools, homes
  • Emerging advertisement tool
  • Customized to suit client’s needs

Whether you want your privacy while staying at a hotel, or tell housekeeping to get your room cleaned or need an ironing stand, or have a party, you find the door hangers hanging on the knob and hang the appropriate one. If in an office you do not want interference during a meeting or vital company presentations you can just hand a door hanger outside the room. This saves time since you do not have to inform every employee to not enter since the hanger will do the job instantly. Used in homes by kids, teenagers and overly worked home makers to tell the rest of the family to keep out – ssh! Baby crying or slumber party going on, playing guitar, resting after being busy in housework etc are all examples. Of course one very important use of these is in restrooms (public) in restaurants and similar places where you definitely do not want people banging on the door while going about with your business and this is especially relevant with regards to females!

With an increase in use of door hangers as well as their increasing use for other purposes like marketing and advertising door hangers have changed over the past few years with changes in quality, design and addition of colors. This has led to the emergence of custom door hangers. You can get both sides printed with the same text or different. Offices and businesses get door hangers printed with their company name, contact details and promotional messages when used for advertising. With custom printed door hangers you not only have the option to add your own image and text but also to get it printed with your own specifications – putting emphasis on the image or the writing