Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

Cosmetic Packaging Boxes


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  • For holding perfumes, makeup kits etc
  • Cardboard boxes with inner padding or bifurcations
  • Compartments, embossing and lamination for the boxes
  • Innovative designs and colors of the boxes

Of course cosmetic packaging boxes mean exactly what the name suggests – boxes specially designed to keep your cosmetics. Women are especially attracted to looks and product packaging could be a major factor which would influence what they eventually buy from a store rack. Not only do major brands invest in product packaging for their products but they also offer extra deals for special occasions e.g.  weddings, engagements, Christmas, Easter etc.

Before there were just cardboard boxes mostly black and white with just the product name on top. Nowadays the same Cosmetic boxes can be reused and recycled or can be put as such on the dressing tables.

They are available in company colors and in different shapes and sizes: with plastic on the inside or inner padding of foam, cotton and cloth as well as bifurcations for different products. Holes could be added on the flap with transparent plastic film so that the customer can see also see the product inside. They could be simple boxes e.g. for single perfume bottles or with different compartments for different products. A he and a she gift box can be designed so that two flaps open on the side. A present for a special occasion can have threads, ribbons, greeting cards and extra slits added onto it to give it that special effect.

With cosmetic packaging printing you can also emboss or laminate the box itself according to your requirements. Boxes can be made so that they fit into each other (can slide in) or individual boxes can be attached to each other saving overall space.