Corrugated Packaging Boxes

Corrugated Packaging Boxes

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  • Made up of kraft paper
  • Large and small boxes
  • Recyclable
  • Different shapes, designs, colors availability

Corrugated Packaging Boxes are made up of a layer of corrugated kraft paper and 2 liners (above and below) glued together. They are used for shipping or transporting items in bulk quantities over long distances since they prevent the products inside them from being crushed or scratched. These boxes are cost effective, light weight, fuel efficient and sustainable.

Some time ago normally used by retail stores or warehouses to store their products, they are now designed in such a way that stores display them directly on the rack. Larger Corrugated Packaging Boxes are normally used for transport and only company logo, name, address for shipment or any other symbol showing the material used e.g. glass are stamped on these.

Biggest advantage of these corrugated boxes is that they are recyclable so companies now use smaller ones for showcasing their products not only at retail stores but also at super stores. Keeping this in view we at give you the option to create Custom corrugated boxes. You can select any design: the typical cube with a four flaps on top which can be pasted onto each other, a rectangular shaped box with one flap on top for closing, open faced boxes, with additional cardboard bifurcations in them, boxes which slide into each other, with holes, with plastic on top to show the product etc.

These boxes now just do not have to be the typical brown but can be ordered in any color and with a design of your choice on one side or all. You can be as innovative as you want so that your product has the ‘it’ factor to catch a customer’s eye.