• Simple, small and cost effective
• Easy to paste, easy to remove with no residue
• Can be stuck on glass, plastic etc
• For promoting short deals
• Building anticipation for a product promotion

Clings are those vibrant small stickers which catch your attention while drinking coffee or waiting for the bus or sitting in the subway. These are small in size and easy to paste, reposition as well as to remove from different surfaces like glass, plastic and metal etc. They stay on for a long time and do not leave any marks on the surface.

Available in different designs in the Static Clings and make it yourself designs in the Custom Clings option, clings have multiple uses.


Professional Uses

 Clings are one of the cheapest marketing tools. Simply a company logo or a motivational message can be stuck on office doors. Cling Printing is cost effective and time efficient so there is no problem while ordering large quantities. They are great as promotional materials, since they occupy less space so can be put on conference tables or windows. Easy application and removal makes them ideal for car windows so event or brand promotions to the public at large becomes easy and inexpensive.  Stores and shops use clings to promote short term deals for example Mother’s day or Independence Day discounts or deals etc.

 Personal Use

 Clings can be used to decorate any home accessory. Most famous homemakers and DIY experts promote the use of clings. You can jazz up your ordinary mirrors, glass bowl or coffee tables or vases with these. Another interesting idea marketed nowadays is to paste a black and white Printed Cling on a surface then fill it up with paints of your own choice. Using clings in this way is a good idea for quality time between moms and kids as well as teaching the younger ones about arts and crafts. You can order them according to a theme e.g. birthdays or Halloweens or group meetings etc or for holidays like Christmas or Easter.

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