Clear Vinyl Decals

Clear Vinyl Decals

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  • Totally clear background
  • Available in multi-color printing
  • Similar look as die-cut stickers
  • Easy application and removal

The clear vinyl decals are quite a unique and attractive item used for multi purposes, mainly for being applied on the cars because of their clear base.

Stickers are considered as one of the most effective marketing tools for businesses, so people get them printed with their logos, company names, messages, contact details and anything else they like. However, there is a limited use of conventional stickers, as they cannot be pasted anywhere.

Therefore, brings you the clear vinyl decals, which can be used for numerous reasons including advertisement or decoration. As the name suggests, these decals have got a clear base, so they make the printed material on them more prominent and easily viewable for the users.

The vinyl decals have got a couple of layers on them. The base is absolutely clear, but the second layer contains the information you wish to advertise on the decals. The base is extremely important to hold the remaining colors together.

Just like the other products we print, the vinyl decals can be customized according to your requirements. You can order them in different sizes and shapes. Although the standard size used all over the world is 4” x 4”, yet you can change that as per your liking. Moreover, you can also suggest some other things in order to make the design look impressive.

Furthermore, you can personalize the vinyl decals to paste them on your cars. In case you wish to promote your business, simply put the decals on the mirror of your vehicle and you will be able to advertise your goods or services automatically, wherever you go.

The best thing about the custom vinyl decals is that they don’t cost you much, considering the benefits they have. They don’t even damage the paint of your vehicle, as they come off quite easily without damaging any surface.