Clear Vinyl Bumper Stickers

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  • Available in cool shapes and designs
  • Can be prepared as per your custom design
  • Suitable for both personal and professional usage
  • Prepared at a very low price

Clear vinyl bumper stickers are highly durable and look really cool on your vehicle. They come with an invisible background, so you can decorate your car or use them for the promotion of your business if you like.

Just as the name suggests, the clear vinyl bumper stickers have got an invisible background. They resemble the die cut stickers, but function in a different way. They can be either applied to the window or the bumper of your car for whatever purpose you like. No matter where you stick them, one thing is for sure that they don’t come off easily.

This does not mean that the clear bumper stickers are damaging for your vehicle. You can apply them quite easily and then remove them whenever you like. They will leave no mark whatsoever and the paint of your bumper will remain as it is.

However, the clear bumper stickers are definitely more reliable than any other form of stickers. This is why they are so much popular among organizations that wish to get brand recognition. They simply get such stickers printed as per their needs and then apply them to the bumpers of their vehicles. As a result, general public notices them on the roads and the companies get promotion automatically.

Despite the distinctive features and cool characteristics, the clear bumper sticker printing is done at a very reasonable price. Make sure you get them from so that you can get the best quality available out there.

We offer you custom vinyl bumper stickers, which will be prepared just the way you want them. Experiment with their design; choose your favorite colors, shapes and sizes. We will not charge you anything extra for all of this. Furthermore, the clear vinyl stickers will be shipped to you in a very few days without you having to spend even a single penny.