CD Jackets

CD Jackets
  • Good alternative to the breakable and environmentally hazardous plastic covers
  • Less of a hassle as compared to making the covers yourselves
  • Time efficient  with no compromise on quality
  • 4 Panel and 6 Panel options available as well as different sizes
  • Single or double color or CMYK color combinations
  • Glossy and Matte Finishing as well as blind and printed embossing on any/all panels
  • You choose your unique designs and images

CDs and DVDs are the modern age data sharing and data storing devices and are also used for promotion and advertisement in the modern world. To present and protect CDs and DVDs and to make sure they deliver the message accurately, we need exclusive/individual covers that not only have complete details but also attract the customers. This becomes even more important when a business caters to a very specific clientele. Special CD Jacket printing is nowadays of utmost importance when marketing since they make the customers instantly stop and stare!

Personal Use:

Cardboard CD Jackets are most commonly used by individuals and each cardboard CD jacket holds the title and information regarding the data in CD which makes it easy to know what is in there. Cardboard CD jackets are exclusive to different customers as they are specially designed keeping in mind the requirement of the content of the CD. Every individual wants to have a vibrant as well as informative CD jacket. Cardboard CD Jackets also give a more sophisticated look.

Professional Use:

From a business point of view CD Jackets printing can be of great help. The cardboard CD jacket carrying the message or brand info for that organization can spread the message to a huge number of audiences.  Cardboard CD Jackets are very commonly used for this purpose by majority of the international brands and have been successfully enhancing their reach to new audience. CD sleeves printing is another low cost option which can be used instead of Cardboard CD jackets. They are preferred for music cds, educational information and computer programs and are a low cost option for the same purpose of protecting and marketing the CDs.

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