• What are catalogs?
  • Mail order, library, exhibition, auction catalogs
  • Good for home makers

Catalogs are basically when you list down all the things that you manufacture or house in your warehouse or sales area. In sales, use of catalogs has been preferred by companies since instead of a whole supply chain management of wholesalers and retailers, there is direct customer interaction.

There are different types of catalogs in market depending on the information they contain. Mail order catalogs contain a list of all products manufactured by a company or a retail/wholesale store that can be ordered via the phone or web. They include pictures and pricing and small descriptions like water proof/heat resistant etc and categorized according to their usage. Library catalogs are alphabetically divided by either author’s names or titles and may contain date of publishing, name/number of the aisle/rack in which they are found. Museums and galleries also get catalogs printed to inform the buyers of the items displayed so that they can plan their visits accordingly. Exhibition and auction catalogs have images of their rare/antique/most popular items with short histories and prices to attract the potential buyers. Home décor companies, those selling kitchen appliances etc all use catalog printing services to market their goods.

Even though web catalogs are becoming popular, catalog printing is still in vogue by companies since not all home owners (the presence of an older generation in 40s and above who) are not as internet savvy. These people prefer catalog printing.  Also it is better to have paper catalogs since catalogs emailed to potential customers might end up in spam whereas those mailed home will definitely reach the decision makers.

Online catalog printing helps you get your catalog idea posted directly to your doorstep and ready for distribution.


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