Carbonless Forms

Carbonless Forms

•    Attached NCR paper so instant copies as soon as the form is filled up.
•    Forms available with or without numbering, in pads or individually
•    2 Part, 3 Part and 4 Part form options available
•    3 different sizes 8.5 × 11, 8.5 × 14, 5 × 8 (inches)
•    Black and White as well as colored
•    Anywhere from 100 to 2000 forms can be ordered at one time

Carbonless Forms Printing also known as NCR (No Carbon Required) printing is the modern age printing technique that has made possible the elimination of carbon paper from the documents where multiple copies must be created for record keeping purposes. They are needed when a customer or a client fills up a form with a pen and we instantly need to not only file that information by the sales rep but to transfer it to other departments while also giving the customer a copy back. Through ages, carbon paper has always been a great help in keeping multiple records and documentation for evidence and proof in major cases.

The increasing cost and burden of replacing carbon paper has led to an innovation in printing industry with the creation of Carbonless forms. These is a great help in creating multiple copies of the documents, invoices, receipts, forms and other major documents that are printed on NCR paper.

Environment Friendly:

Because of their nature, they use fewer natural resources and can easily get decomposed in the soil. Trees are saved and so these are more eco friendly option.

Cost Efficient:

Because of the reduced cost incurred on printing of NCR papers Carbonless Form Printing has become more cost effective for the companies. Also they do not have to purchase Carbon paper separately which makes it hassle free as well.

Ease of Use:

NCR paper can be used without any extra care or effort as compared to regular carbon paper. Keeping safe and secure is also very easy, and because of automatic copies of the original information, no extra effort is required for photocopying or multiple printing.

More Variety:

Availability of multiple designs and customization options in the market according to the specific requirement of different organizations has made NCR a most popular replacement of carbon paper.

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