C6 Envelopes

C6 Envelopes

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  • Part of ISO C series,
  • Acceptable US postal size
  • Business mails – advertising and promo activities
  • Ordered in bulk with a return address printed,
  • Can be customized according to the customer’s requirements

C series envelopes were designed to incorporate the ISO standardized A size papers – exact ISO (international organization for standardization) is ISO 269. Of this series C6 envelopes conform to the Universal postal union requirements for correspondence envelopes. Dimensions are 114×162 mm or 4 1/2×6 3/8 inches. An A6 paper, A5 paper folded in half and an A4 paper folded or cut in quarters would easily fit in these envelopes. The North American envelope size A2 is closest in dimensions to C6 envelopes. Normally rectangular in size (since the US postal service accepts this shape), the open flap is on the longer side.

Envelopes are an essential part of office stationery. Whether you need to invite someone to a meeting or a party or a seminar or a trade show, nothing looks as professional as the paper sealed in an envelope correctly addressed.

Businesses buy C6 envelopes for mailing postcards, greeting cards, invitations, small advertising materials, manuals etc and these are the preferred choice of envelopes for marketing and promotional activities. You can get company logo, brief profile and product range printed on these envelopes through Thus a simple envelope with some additional text and an image becomes an excellent advertising tool. You are furthermore guaranteed good paper quality and timely deliveries.

Normally ordered in bulk, C6 envelopes are a cost effective idea. You never send a single invitation always in dozens or hundreds depending on your event. Even greeting cards sent to customers will be in multitudes for good companies which value their customer relations.