Business Door Hangers

Business Door Hangers


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  • Advertising Products/Promoting Services/Increasing Sales
  • Used As Giveaways
  • Put On Doors By Salesmen
  • For Target Customers

Door Hangers are the least intrusive form of advertising. They do not need permission for pasting as in stickers or decals, nor do you need to stop a busy person to fill out a sales form or to give a business card or a pamphlet. They do not even clutter like flyers thrown around. Business Door Hangers are simply hung on doors for people to see. Not only do they advertise your product or promote your business they also serve as different signs at the same time. A ‘do not enter’ sign with the contact of a TV repairman would most probably not see the trash can anytime soon.

Full color door hangers may be used as promotional tools in shops. Business door hangers which started as shop open and shop closed in older times have become a smart tool for advertisement. Real estate companies or architects can order door hangers which would contain their contact info, sales tag line and an image of their work. Companies could use them as giveaways during product launches e.g. with a new burger deal the door hanger would contain the name and location of the place and the best deals offered.

For a target audience e.g. regular customers business door hangers could be used to promote limited time offer deals or informing people about other store locations in the same city e.g. one café in Brooklyn could have a door hanger with info about another one in Manhattan. They could be used on doors of reading rooms reading “silence”. Even smarter companies can have detachable business cards on them for potential customers.