Bumper Stickers

Bumper Stickers

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  • Stuck to cars – magnetically or chemically
  • Economical
  • Do not damage paint so preferred by car owners
  • Always catch the eye of other people on the road

Bumper Stickers are stickers that adhere to glass surfaces via chemical or magnetic means. They last longer than Clings but have a relatively short time span when compared to Decals. More economical than Decals and more popular as well since they come off after a time and can be easily replaced.

Cartoons for children, rock symbols or audacious or smart ass messages by teenagers to product advertisements by companies or contact information for sale and return by individuals or supporting or opposing liberals or democrats, Bumper Sticker Printing at is the right tool for you. You may order bumper stickers online and with just a few clicks customize them as well.

Whether you are an adult or a teenager or a child; on the roads a Bumper Sticker is sure to catch your eye. Surprisingly for some of us these have been around since the 1920s in one form or another. Most probably the ones most romanticized are those of the 60s when hippies and flower children used them to decorate their vans etc. Bumper Stickers can be funny, satirical, product advertisements, religious, cause support or provocative. Anyone who owns a car has put up a bumper sticker at one time or another. You can post a picture of your own bumper sticker on a social media site or someone else might be inspired enough to post it on a website (yes there are websites just dedicated to bumper stickers!). You will either laugh at them or throw tomatoes or support the ideology or save the number for hiring a plumber, but you will take notice.

Fast food chains give away bumper stickers to their customers since they know that this will automatically promote their product. Bumper Stickers are most commonly seen at car rallies/shows and are most prominent at Formula One Racing.