• A kind of leaflet – also called pamphlets.
  •  History of brochure printing, used for spreading awareness.
  •  Advertising/Marketing of different products
  • Online/customized printing a boon for companies information is delivered customers.

Brochures also known as pamphlets are kinds of leaflets. These however contain more information since they are larger.  They are normally folded, with different information and images on all the sides. has gone one step ahead and is offering you not only online brochure printing but also giving you the option to customize your brochure at every step. You give us the image and the design and decide on the folds you want: Z fold, letter fold, long fold and half fold style or customize with a combination of styles. You can have a normal or a glossy cover a black and white brochure or colors of your choice.

Brochures have been in use since decades. Brochure printing started in the 20th century, the first brochures being black and white and on normal paper. Eventually it became cheaper for businesses to afford printing and the colored brochures of today came in use. Brochures have been used for different purposes by large and small companies, entrepreneurs and other professionals.

Brochures can be used to advertise/distribute information during a product launch. Aid agencies use brochures to create awareness, for instance educating new mothers about basic child care and other vaccinations. Doctors/dentists/dieticians use them to inform people about good health habits or advantages/disadvantages of certain lifestyle behaviors like smoking or eating organic food. They are also used to inform people about the different services offered by the same place e.g. a health spa may offer a gym, dietician appointments, yoga, Pilates classes, saunas etc. Companies send brochures with products so that people get to know their different features or precautions during usage. Universities use them to give information to sophomores or potential students at university recruitment fairs. Brochure printing services have also been used to motivate people e.g. to join a cause or telling young women about early breast cancer detection.


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