Bottle Neckers

  • What are they?
  • Good SOP marketing,
  • Use for Wine, jam, spreads, soda bottles etc
  • Discounts, deals, product uses etc printed on them

Bottle neckers are normally made so that a circular design fits onto the bottle neck with a rectangular or a square design for text. They can vary in size and shape depending upon how you want your product to stand out on the aisle. Good promotional merchandising tool, bottle neckers designed effectively will make sure that your product catches the customer’s eyes on the rack.

Earlier used primarily for wine or milk bottles, these are now attached to all kinds of soda, water, jam bottles etc.

Simple text like percentage discount on buying bottles in a dozen or half dozen pack with a 10% or a 25% off highlighted in bold will attract a crowd. Any other message like the company being ‘environmentally friendly’ or organically grown products would also make an impact. They can promote other products of the same company e.g. a wine bottle from ABC brewery could have a bottle necker showing other products being harvested by the same farms e.g. milk, egg, chicken, etc. Product uses e.g. using a blueberry jam to make a blueberry topping for muffins or ice creams can also be added with bottle neckers printing. Even health benefits can be researched or doctor’s recommendations about the product itself or its ingredients would attract a more diet conscious crowd. At our site with online printing you can order your bottle neckers with just a few simple clicks. While uploading your design you can indicate the shape and the dimensions including the color combinations.

With custom bottle neckers you further have the option to give us your own variations in designs to increase your product’s marketing value. Larger ones can have attractive images printed on them e.g. models, beaches, fruits etc

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