• What Are Bookmarks?
  • Reading Books, Then You Need A Bookmark
  • Their Uses
  • Online Printing of Bookmarks An Ease

Bookmarks are those decorated card papers pieces that book readers use to mark a page while they are taking a break from reading a book.

Reading a book in a cozy setting in solitude, in a library, in the park or a café is one of the best ways to relax/distress oneself. With a renewed interest in books nowadays with the present generation starting from harry potter, lord of the rings, twilight etc; reading as a hobby has come back in fashion and is not just a nerd activity anymore. Anybody who reads owns a bookmark even if it is just a recipe book. You can use them to keep a track of the important information (e.g. syllabus modules), reminders of the last page read or points of interest (e.g. the articulate description of a landscape). Since bookmarks are reused a lot, so their quality should be pretty good as well.

Print bookmarks have been in use in one form or another ever since printed books were introduced in the market. The oldest way to remember your last page read is to fold the paper. This however destroys the book quality in the long run. Another idea is to put pieces of ribbon, but this again is a bad idea since ribbons or pieces of thread can get lost while moving the books from one place to another.

You can now easily order bookmarks online at We have made it simple for you to place your order with a few simple clicks. With online bookmark printing you can upload an image of your choice and text of your choice. We then give you the option for standard bookmarks (where you select the lamination/colors/quantity that you require) or custom bookmarks (where you tell us how you want your finished product to look).

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