• Smaller version of books
  • Normally used for product info or advertising
  • Can be ordered in either a large or small size
  • 2 popular bindings available
  • Artwork / contemporary / classic images and designs can all be used

Smaller than books i.e. they contain lesser number of pages; booklets have evolved over time and are used for multifarious purposes. You can see them lying around in university admission offices, architects / designers / photographer’s offices, conference halls, seminars, hotel lobbies, offices, waiting rooms etc. Comic books are surprisingly one of the most famous examples of booklets!

Normally designed to catch our eye either with the images or the colors or the texts, booklets are targeted to keep the reader’s attention. Text in them is informative but to the point, there are neither long descriptions nor flowery phrases. Images are used a lot and if not strong color combinations are seen.

At, we offer booklets in two standard sizes 8.5×11 and 8.5×5.5 inches. Saddle stitch binding (comic books are a good example) and perfect binding (e.g. paperback or soft cover books) are offered which are the two most popular types of binding in booklet printing services. You may order your booklet in either 80 lb or 100 lb paper with glossy text.

With online booklet printing you have the option to customize your booklet according to your own requirements. You can be as innovative as you want when designing your booklet with our booklet printing services. Artwork, classic or contemporary may be added on the front cover as well as in backgrounds. Designs with bold colors or subtle shades – minimalism or filled up patterns can all be used depending on how a booklet will be used.  A booklet used as a restaurant or café’s menu would just have an image on the front page and text on the inside. A company’s annual report would be filled up with data showcasing its performance. Information booklets in product boxes would be simply designed with illustrations to help the customer assemble the device and etc.

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