Bakery Packaging Boxes

Bakery Packaging Boxes


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  • Cardboard or paper, With plastic on top
  • Bifurcated for different products and in different shapes
  • Different sizes and shapes
  • With ribbons, designs in different colors
  • Open or flap closed from the top
  • With Cards on top
  • With butter paper or cake cardboard or foil paper in the middle

Bakery packaging boxes are normally cardboard or paper boxes or bags used to sell bakery products in. Since bakery products are one of the quickest perishable items they should be properly packed when given to customers to take home. Now we all have a sweet tooth and love to eat cakes, cookies, pastries, biscuits, pies, scones, tarts, chocolates, breads etc. From the time that our Grandmothers used to bake everything at home and the bakeries used to just sell basic items like milk, egg, bread etc to the present where bakeries have diversified their products. You don’t just get good old American coffee, doughnut and pies you can now buy brioche, baguettes, flans, French rolls etc. With this diversification bakeries have also become very brand conscious and they are now focused on the minute details of presentation including packaging.

You can now not only order your design chocolate cake for your child’s birthday party but also have a colored box with the bakery’s logo on top and decorated with ribbons. Boxes can be ordered in different shapes square, triangle or circular. Bakery packaging boxes and bakery paper bags also come in different sizes obviously to hold different types of products.

Custom bakery packaging also lets you design the box shape to have a thin transparent plastic or flaps on top or sides or open (from the top) boxes. When quickly taking an assortment of pastries or chocolates home you need a box with bifurcations so that the strawberries do not mix with the lemons or the white chocolate doesn’t mash with the mint one. You can also get butter paper added as base in a box for different products or a cardboard base for a cake so that it doesn’t smear the box and retains its shape.