Anniversary Invitation Cards

Anniversary Invitation Cards

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  • A celebration in memory of a past event
  • Wedding and/or any other date important for a couple
  • Personalized with messages and pictures or photos
  • Cards are a reminder of a memory to be cherished.

An anniversary is a celebration for a past event which holds some importance to two or more people. Birthdays, memorial days, independence days, day of death, historical events etc all come under anniversaries. Off all these anniversaries, we commonly use the word anniversary with weddings or the day that two people started living as a couple or the day that they first met. Of course we celebrate these and two people who value their relationship make sure that this day is a memory to be cherished.


For the first few years it’s the couple who make sure that they plan out the anniversary and make it special. Then come friends and relatives and the kids. Of course the menu is special or people go out for dinner then there are gifts or holiday plans. For memory however, the most important thing is an anniversary invitation card. The happily married couple will send out wedding anniversary invitation cards during the early years. A relationship that stands the test of time and goes through problems will only be stronger and to celebrate this togetherness silver and golden years are a special phase.


Whosoever designs these anniversary cards wants them to stand out. A message that defines the couple or a picture that has happy memories all become a part of the card. It could be a wedding picture or the day they first met, or any such occasion which strengthened their bond. Card would of course have the date, time and venue of the anniversary as well as the RSVPs. At Sticker Deals, we give you the option to totally personalize your card so that you design the template and select the colors etc.