8.5 x 11 Flyers

8.5 x 11 Flyers

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  • Larger flyers,
  • Larger texts and images
  • Distinctive printing – at a glance picture and message make an impact
  • Used during brand promotions
  • Distributed at city centres/hot spots
  • Timing and look of the salesperson matter during dissemination

Larger sized flyers with dimensions 8.5 x11 (inches) these are an economic advertising tool for generating sales and increasing product information among the general public. With more space, more colors, text and larger images can be used.

You can have one color or image as the backdrop with text in different sizes and/or colors printed on top or bottom. In marketing campaigns, these 8.5 x11 Flyers are normally used corresponding to brand promotions. A large banner or a billboard may be put up at major city intersections. With the number of advertisements already posted at such places, these may not be able to make that much impact as expected. Flyers are then printed and distributed to people at crowded areas of the metropolitan, city, town or village. Since the 8.5x11 Flyer is bigger, even a cursory look will tell the person it is handed to a lot about the product being advertised. Distributed at bus stations, subways, trains, outside movie theatres, night clubs, gyms etc by a salesperson i.e. handed to any/all passer bys or to a set age group. They can also be put in shopping bags with the rest of the items.

A smart marketing strategy would be to dress up the salesperson in an interesting costume e.g. a cartoon character if product is for children a flop would be to dress them up such that they look ridiculous.  Time and venue are the deciding factors when distributing flyers i.e. lunch or 6 pm onwards for the working class and time at which classes end for the high school or college grads.