6 x 9 Pocket Folders

6 x 9 Pocket Folders

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  • Smaller than the standard size
  • Better fit for office/personal documents
  • Pockets for Business Cards
  • For spreading promotional material
  • Excellent for sales people

Pocket folders are really important part of the office stationary as they help in protecting important documents from wear and tear as well cataloguing them properly. Since official documents may not have a set size some may be too large for a normal sized pocket folder. For such documents 6 x 9 Pocket folders are available. To ensure file visibility the 6 x 9 Pocket folders printing can be customized in the appropriate way.

Official Use:

 Usage of 6 x 9 Pocket Folders is maximum in offices since valuable information is stored in hard copies for long term storage. Since online data can be destroyed due to virus attacks or system crashes or bugs, it is always necessary to keep hard copies of every document. With Pocket folders of the correct size, it becomes easy to keep these files safe, available and within reach of the employees. They can also be used as momentous for visitors or reading material can be distributed in workshops, trainings or seminars to the staff. For libraries and small organizations, pocket folder printing can always be a great help in making book keeping an ease.  

Personal Use:

At home we often need to keep our files and documents safe and easy to find. Small pocket folders printing can be of great help in protecting and managing important documents like pictures, printouts, scans etc. Students and home owners alike can choose from our variety of designs and colors or they can customize these to their own liking.