6 Panel CD Jackets

6 Panel CD Jackets

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  • For keeping 3 related or 3 entirely different CDs
  • Help Manuals for Products plus advertising material
  • Customer Designed, Different color options availability, with text
  • Movie DVDs, Family Function memories (e.g. Wedding, Christmas, Birth movies/photos)

Keeping CDs in a safe and protected place is really important, when they contain valuable data. Keeping individual CDs in a separate cover keeps on building stocks and reduces the storage space to a huge extent, the place covered by one CD could have been utilized by 2 or even 3 CDs. 6 panel CD jackets are a really great tool to protect the CDs of similar nature in one place and also help in vacating extra space for other purposes

Personal Use:

It is cheaper to buy CDs on a deal so we normally end up saving and buying a lot of them at one time. Later however, it is difficult to find the one we want in that pile. The best way to keep them in a particular place is to put them in 6 panel CD jacket. 6 Panel CD Jacket Printing helps in managing the CDs in a proper way and thus making it easier to track the CDs on time.

Professional Use:

6 panel CD jackets and 6 panel CD sleeves allow you to store triplet CDs in them and keeping them safe. With the changing times, the marketing and promotion factor has grown to a large extent and now the companies develop CDs related to the information and data about the products and organizations. These are then delivered to the customers along with the brochures or the catalogues or the flyers in different types of Folders. The 6 panel CD jackets are mostly used by the companies producing various appliances where customers need to know the how to, safety precautions and product specifications first hand.