4 x 9 Rack Cards

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  • Contain detailed information
  • Rack cards need to be shared with clients like business cards
  • Customization of 4” x 9” cracks cards possible
  • Can be ordered in bulk

Rack cards are normally found in places, where they can be seen and used by the customers easily. You can customize them to make them attractive for the clients.

You must have seen a lot of printed items being used for promotional purposes, but rack cards are not so commonly used for this purpose. Although they are different in characteristics, yet they have got a similar effect to that of the business cards. Both these items are only useful, when the client is able to see them. Therefore, you have to ensure that the rack cards are placed in the right place, so that they are easily visible to the target customers and can be picked up for information as well.

One good thing about the rack cards is that they contain quite a lot of information, so you can easily tell your customers about your products or services in detail. They can be printed on both sides and can also have several layers, in case you wish to add some extra stuff to them.

Although rack cards are printed in different sizes, the standard size for them is 4” x 9”. This size is quite suitable, as you will have adequate space to add information of your choice. Moreover, there are some other good features that make the rack cards so special for your business.

Therefore, it is extremely important to get 4” x 9” rack cards printed from a quality company like, where you will be able to customize your order and make changes as per your requirements. You can create an account with us and look at all of the details before placing the order.

In case you wish to customize your rack cards on a specific pattern, you can send us a sample card and we will make sure you get the product you have asked for. However, you will have to choose the ‘Custom’ option in that case after going to the 4” x 9” rack cards category.