4" x 9" Door Hangers

4" x 9" Door Hangers

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  • Longer door hangers,
  • With additional images and messages added,
  • Useful in offices, hotels or homes
  • Can be rectangular or with a curve at the top
  • For promoting services, political campaigns etc

2 sizes are normally available when it comes to door hangers: 4x9 and 5 x 8. Among these, 4x9 Door Hangers are normally used for simpler signs officially or for homes. Because of their length, additional promo messages can be added to these. Typically used in hotels or offices or doors of apartments 4x9 Door Hangers can be designed in any way according to the customer’s requirements at

Printed in Black and White or full color door hangers are designed to make us notice. Simple signs for official use normally have a set text as well as different translations (French, Spanish, etc) or sign language and even Braille added to it. Hangers can be rectangular or curved at the top. The curve can be used to hang them or slits or holes can be added. Threads are looped through these slits/holes to make it easier to handle these hangers.

A host of different designs can be printed on these 4x9 Door Hangers making them more versatile. A plumbing company could print door hangers and then put them on doors of apartment buildings. Contact information printed on these would make it easy for the residents to not only use these to keep unwanted visitors away with a ‘do not enter’ sign but also call up service in case of a pipe leakage.

Politicians may also get these printed – republicans and democrats have both used these for their political campaigns. Children like their sense of privacy especially teenagers. A slumber party could have a ‘do not disturb’ sign for girls or a budding musician could put this on their door during practice. Children may also like a ‘sleeping’ sign with a favorite cartoon on it