4" x 6" Post Cards

4" x 6" Post Cards

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  • Don’t need to be contained in envelopes
  • Good choice for people on vacations
  • Available with standard and custom options
  • Can be ordered in bulk

Post cards are available in different sizes and can be used for several purposes. You can use them for communication reasons, but that will be mostly through images than text.

4” x 6” Post cards are relatively smaller in size, but serve the purpose, if you don’t have to add much information on them. Normally, the post cards are used to share the beautiful landscapes by people, who are out to enjoy their holidays. They can also be used for communication, especially in those areas where they can be sent at a lower fee than a letter.

However, the 4” x 6” post cards don’t have much space on them, so one cannot write anything in detail. These cards are being used since the 19th century and their history is quite an interesting one. The first ever post card to be ever used was in 1840, when an English writer Theodore Hook played a joke on the postal service by mailing the card to his own address.

Since then, the idea of sending post cards to people all over the world became common and it is still considered quite special. No matter you are using the post cards for personal or professional reasons; you should get them printed from a quality service provider like

We offer you quite a few advantages such as custom printing of 4” x 6” postcards. When you are placing your order with us, inform us about what changes you wish to make, so that we can make the adjustments accordingly. The printing will be done in 4-color and you will be able to choose either glossy or matte lamination. The minimum number of post cards you can order at a time is 100, but you can exceed your order as much as you like.